How Are Tidal Waves Formed?


Tidal wave's are usually formed when there is a seismic disturbance on the floor of the ocean. This causes the water to move. If the water has enough energy in it the water can become alot higher.
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I think as tidal waves generate due to the gravitational attraction force of sun and the moon. due to this attraction sea water pulled up and down.
Tidal waves are formed from a seismic disturbance at the bottom of the ocean, likes an earthquake,
While tsunamis occasionally occur in the Atlantic and Indian oceans, they are most frequent in the Pacific Ocean. Tsunamis are most frequent in the region of the Pacific known as
The gravitational pull of the moon.. Source(s): ME
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Tidal waves are formed when a large amount of water is displaced in the ocean as the result of an earthquake. Tidal waves are also called tsunamis. You can find ...
A tidal wave is a wave is a violent flow of water or a seismic sea wave that is formed by the funnelling of the flowing tide into a narrow bay or a river. Tidal ...
Tidal waves, also known as tsunamis, are caused by the displacement of enormous amounts of water in the ocean by an earthquake. When the water is displaced it ...
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