How Are Toads Born?


Toads are born in the water. How this happens is after they hatch from the eggs that have been laid by the mother in the water, near the edge, they come out as tadpoles. They will swim in the water and eat algae. They continue to do this as their limbs develop and the grow the four legs that we are used to them having. Once they have developed their limbs they are then able to come out on the land.
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By eggs. All frogs and toads babies are born by eggs. They look like little bubbles with a tiny spot of brown which is the tadpole (young frog/toad)
Robert Todd Williams June 14, 1938 in Chicago, Illinois, USA
They're born out of eggs as tadpoles. They transform into their well known frog form over time. Here's a pic:… Source(s):
There mom lays eggs Anonymous
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Tadpole is the common term for the young of both frogs and toads. Tadpoles from toads are typically much smaller in size than those of frogs. Frogs and toads ...
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