How Are Typhoons Made?


A typhoon is actually the same thing as a hurricane. A typhoon needs several ingredients from the atmosphere in order to form. Conditions such as warm ocean water, the stability in the atmosphere is low, mid-atmosphere is low, and a pre-existing disturbance all play a role in the formation of a typhoon.
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typhoons form when the following conditions are met. Their is a low pressure area. The water is warm (around 80'F) the low pressure and warm water allow the water to evaporate and
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Tropical cyclones form where heat and moisture from the surface of the ocean interact with a wind pattern that spirals air inward. The water vapor condenses into storm clouds which are further fueled by the heat and wind.
There are seven factors that contribute to the formation of a typhoon. If all of these things happen, then typhoon formation is possible. It has to do with heat, atmospheric conditions, and several other factors. You can find more information here:
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