How are X Rays Harmful to the Body?


X-rays are radiation directed at your body which can cause cells to mutate. If enough radiation causes many of your cells to mutate it can cause cancer or other illness.
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In general X-rays can be harmful to the body but only if your are over exposed to them That is why they ask you certain questions before you get a x-ray. As a woman I have always being asked if I am pregnant before getting a x-ray. Yet, since they take such precautions and limit exposure actually getting a x-ray isn't harmful
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they can cause damage to living cells which can cause serious illnesses, also cause raditation to enter the body.
X-rays are totally safe unless you get a TON of them. It's the radiation that is potentially 'dangerous' But as long as you don't have prolonged exposure to radiation you will be
I thank Gary for his excellent answer, to which I can't add very much. But I'll try anyway ... :-) Full-body scanners use X-rays to scan the skin, not internal organs. Hence much
It's often safe to get an X-ray during pregnancy.
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X rays are both beneficial and harmful to humans. X rays are beneficial because they are essential for finding out what is wrong in the body. X rays are harmful ...
There are some harmful effects of an X ray. If a woman is pregnant and has an x ray it can cause tumors to the unborn child. Also, it increases the risk of cancer ...
The problem is that X-rays are a form of ionizing radiation. When normal light hits an atom, it can't change the atom in any significant way. But when an X-ray ...
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