How Bacteria Can Enter the Body?


Bacteria gets into the body through many different ways which include: direct contact with an infected person, through liquid droplets or dust in the air, by consuming polluted food or waste or by puncture wounds, like animal or insect bites.
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through contaminated food. through your skin. through food(poisoning)
The human body needs bacteria. We have good and bad bacteria in our bodies. The good bacterium aids in digestion and wards off infectious bacteria that cause illnesses and disease
Marijuana enters the body either by eating it or smoking it. The chemical THC enters into the lungs first if smoking it, then your bloodstream, then goes to your brain, then travels
Pathogens can enter the body through cuts in the skin, through the
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Salmonella bacteria enters the body though food products. It can be in unpasteurised milk, eggs, poultry, and in under cooked meats. It is food poisoning. The ...
The barriers that bacteria must overcome to enter the body is called the defence line. It consists of skin, dissolving enzymes and lachrymal secretions by the ...
Micro-organisms include bacteria, fungi and protozoa. They can enter the body through inhalation, ingestion, instillation, damaged skin or the mucous membranes. ...
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