How Bad do Tattoos Hurt?


I would say tattoo's hurt pretty bad. I got one in my early twenties and to me it felt like a slow and steady paper cut, only more intense. If you are thinking of getting one, remember they are permanent.
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A tattoo does not hurt at all on your arm, but, if you get one on your back, it hurts horribly. I recommend getting one on your arm. People who are scared, try to fall asleep or listen
How much does a tattoo hurt? It all depends upon who you ask, what kind of tattoo you're getting and where you plan to have it placed. Most importantly, it depends on your pain threshold
Most say they're not as bad as they feared or thought. Some say it feels like a sun burn! Pain fades faster than tattoos though, so no worries!
1. Allow the tattoo to heal completely. Even if you immediately see the flaws in the design once the tattoo process is complete, you should still let it completely heal, for two reasons
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