How Big are DD Cups?


The letter like A, B, C, D, E determines your cup size for a bra. DD cups are half a size larger than D cups and half a size smaller than E cups so they are an in between cup size.
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DD cups are actually bigger than C but slightly smaller than F cups. This is probably the most popular size of breasts, as it receives a lot of attention in popular music.
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If your bust measure more than 5 inches then you're in the range of DD.
1. Log on to the Internet and conduct a search for "DD swimwear" You will find dozens of websites catering to women seeking cup sizes of a D or higher. 2. Call Figleaves
Bras, in the US, have two indicators of size, a band size and a cup size, which when combined become the bra size. The band size is expressed in inches, almost exclusively in 2 inch
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A DDD bra cup is extremely big. It is only for women who have very large breasts. You cannot buy this type of bra at all retail stores. ...
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