How big are John Cena's biceps?


John Cena's biceps measure 23 inches. His chest is 50 inches and he has a 36-inch waist. Cena stands at 6'1, weighs 240 lbs and wears a whopping size 13 shoe.

John Cena, born April 23, 1977, is a professional wrestler, bodybuilder, rapper and actor. He is well known for his amazing physique and is the proud owner of 19 titles earned while wrestling in the WWE.

His muscle-building diet requires 7 protein-rich meals. Most contain vegetables, and none include desserts. Cena's exercise routine isolates 1 of 5 muscle groups a day in addition to daily exercises for the abdominal muscles.

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1 Get into rap music . Outside of wrestling, Cena records and creates his own music and rap albums , for example, his current WWE theme song "The Time Is Now". Cena also
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