How big do penguins get?


The size of mature penguins varies considerably depending on species and ranges from 18 inches to over 3 feet tall. The smallest penguins are adult male Adelies, which reach standing heights of 18 to 24 inches and weigh between eight and 10 pounds while the largest species of Emperor penguins reach heights of 35 to 45 inches, and weigh between 60 and 90 pounds. In addition to variations in size among species, there are also minor height and weight differences between genders as males generally reach greater heights and weigh several pounds more than their female counterparts.

In addition to the Adelie and Emperor species, there are many other kinds of penguins spanning the weight and height spectrum in between. Falling on the shorter and lighter side are African penguins, which may reach standing heights of 25 to 27 inches and weigh eight to 10 pounds. African penguins are generally longer and leaner in body style than Adelie penguins, which explains why they are a bit taller yet weigh approximately the same. Macaroni penguins are the largest breed of crested penguins, although they land in the middle of the penguin size scale. Adult males and females reach virtually identical heights and weights, of 28 inches and 9 and 13 pounds, respectively. Genetics rather than habitat determine penguin size; the smallest and largest penguins, and those in between, share habitats and terrain around the world.

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Penguins vary in size. The largest species, the Emperor Penguin, average about 3 feet, 7 inches and weigh 75 pounds in adulthood. The smallest species is the Little Blue Penguin.
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We all have an image of penguins gliding on ice at the South Pole -- images that come from childhood. But contrary to popular belief penguins live beyond Antarctica, and can be found in New Zealand, southern Africa, and South America. While some... More »
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