How big can guinea pigs grow?


Guinea pigs can grow to 25.4 centimeters long, or about 10 inches. At maturity, guinea pigs can weigh up to 1,100 grams, or about 39 ounces.

Guinea pigs are small animals native to South America that are now found around the world as pets and laboratory animals. They are also used as a source of food. Members of the rodent family, they are social and easy to handle. Modern guinea pigs are strictly domestic animals, but their closest wild relatives are important parts of the food chain in South America and are preyed on by coyotes, wolves, owls and hawks as well as by domestic dogs and cats.

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Guinea pigs live between 5 and 10 years on average. The average weight at birth is 85 g, and the average adult female weighs 800g. The average male adult weighs 1050 g at maturity.
It depends on the guinea pig and their weight, I have two pigs and one can jump up maybe 1 foot and the other maybe 1/2 a foot.
well , sometimes theyll look very fat
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A male guinea pig is called a boar. Boars are known by different names such as wild hogs or wild boar. They are characterised by compact bodies, big heads and ...
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