How Big Can Rats Get?


Rats can get as big as their resources of food allow them to. When food is left around, rats will feast for days. Different breeds of rats get will grow larger regardless of food intake.
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Male rats tend to become heavier and bigger than females. Rats have been domesticated for more than 100 years, according to the American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association. A baby rat
not very big a bit bigger than a raisen.
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A 71 year old Alaska man killed a 4 ft. long 97 lb. rat!
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How Big Can a Rat Get?
Rats grow to be much larger than mice, and their tails can be nearly as long as their bodies. Rats include a great number of both domesticated and wild species. The rat's species affects the ultimate size of a rat. Certain species of cloud rats,... More »
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On average, a rat usually will grow anywhere between 5-10 inches in length. This also varies depending on whether the rat is male or female. There are instances where a rat was reported as being 18 inches in length.
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Though you may want to know how big sewer rats get, keep in mind that these animals do have a lot of flexibility. Even as large as they are, which tends to be ...
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That answer kind of depends on a number of different factors. Rats can get fairly big in places where they have an unlimited supply to eat. ...
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