How Big Can Tornadoes Get?


Tornadoes can get pretty big and vicious. A tornado can grow up to a mile in width and its rotating winds can get up to 300 miles per hour, which could categorize this as an F 5 tornado.
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Tornadoes are measured by how destructive they are. The Fujita Tornado Damage Scale uses a rating of F0 to F5. An F0 tornado has wind speeds less than 73 miles per hour and may cause
According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) the eye of a hurricane is generally between 20 and 40 miles across. As a hurricane forms, it rotates in a counterclockwise
The average tornado is 50 yards (45 meters) wide.
Tornadoes vary greatly in size, intensity and appearance. Sixty-two percent of
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Tornado's can get quite large, some even bigger than a mile in width. Tornado's are very dangerous and you should always seek shelter when you hear of one in your ...
Tornadoes range in size and intensity. Some tornadoes look like snakes and some look like huge wedges. Some tornadoes can only be a few yards wide, while some ...
A tornadoe is a very dangerous storm. It is like a cyclone. It's a big whirlwind of air that rotates around and around in circles. It could be very strong or ...
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