How Big Do African Cichlids Get?


African Cichlids grow to be about 6 inches long. Some Cichlids only grow to be 3 inches long. Cichlids are an aggressive fish and should not be put in the same tank as other fish.
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The first step in taking care of African Cichlids is to make sure that they have the right environment. Then all you have to do is feed them and make sure the tank stays at the proper
It depends what type of cichlid they are. They grow all different sizes.
1. Feed the herbivorous fish a combination of spriulina, frozen peas, romaine and spinach. Feed carnivorous fish spirulina, brine shrimp flakes, shrimp pellets and krill. Every time
The fry are about 1/4 of an inch at hatching.
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There are a few African Cichlids that could take the trophy for being the meanest. One mean Cichlid is the Paralabidochromis. It is also known as the Rock Kribensis ...
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African Cichlids are a type of tropical fish that are very popular for putting in home aquariums. There are several facts to remember for the care of this type ...
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