How Big Do Dolphins Get?


There are over forty different species of dolphin, so they grow to a large range of sizes. The most common dolphin, the bottle-nosed dolphin (which is the type you would see at most marine life parks) grows to about eight feet in length. You can find more information here:
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Killer whales are actually considered dolphins, not whales. Given the many species of a dolphin, it can be difficult to generalize the size of dolphins, even at birth. For example
dolphins are about 72 kilometers long.
Adult spinner dolphins are about 5.9 ft- 6.6 ft in size and weigh 165-209 lbs. The body is mainly
"The four-chambered heart with right ventricular outflow to the lungs and left ventricular output to the systemic circulation, weighs 0.5-1.0% of body mass in most small cetaceans
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A little known fact is that the killer whale is considered a dolphin. They are the largest of the species at around 20 feet long. The dolphins that you would find ...
The gestation period for a dolphin can range from eleven to eighteen months. Baby dolphins are usually just under a metre in length when born and weigh between ...
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