How Big do Kenyan Sand Boas Get?


Kenyan Sand Boas grow about 15-18 inches. This is the average size. They can weigh from 70-100 grams. However, a old male can reach up to 24 inches long. The females can reach up to 24-36 inches and can weight 400-900 grams. The females outweigh the males in length and weight.
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1. Check that both your snakes are mature and able to reproduce. An adult female will be about 18 inches long, and an adult male will be about 15 inches long, and both snakes should
22-24 inches for females and about 15-18 for males. Well trained boas' will protect you from anything and anybody. They are easily trainable.
They average about 2ft but can very occasionally reach 3ft. Females are larger than males.
Kenyan Sand Boas eat small rodents and lizards, which they catch by lying
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