How Big Do Map Turtles Grow?


The size of Map Turtles depends on whether it's a male or female. A female map turtle grows to the size of about twelve inches while the male grows to about five inches. The map turtle is normally located across North America.
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how big , tall , or wide well that's very large but for a little baby turtle or a pet turtle maybe the size of your hand.
Musk turtle: Musk turtles do a great deal of “bottom walking”, because of this I suggest using shallow water to allow them to easily reach the surface to breathe. For
MALE map turtles, musk, and mud turtles tend to stay around 4 inches; female maps can get around 6 - 10 inches depending on species, and female muds and musks will be slightly larger
Map turtles rarely get much more than 6-7 inches long and don't ever weigh even close to
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