How Big Do Pigs Get?


Pigs can get as big as 200 pounds. This all depends on the how much the animal is fed. Pigs can live much longer without food than water.
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Pigs are an animal that can get fairly big if allowed to eat nonstop. There have even been pigs found in the wild including the famous hogzilla was 1,200 lbs.
Big Bill the Pig holds the world record for the heaviest pig as of December 2012. He weighed 2,552 pounds in 1933. He was a Poland China hog from Jackson, Tennessee.
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Pigs vary in size according to species, from 50 to several hundred pounds. Their litter size can range from 1-6 piglets. Pigs are believed to be smartest land animal next to humans.
1. Rub the barbecue seasoning over the entire pig. 2. Place the pig in the refrigerator to marinate for at least four hours. 3. Place wood chips in a bowl of water or juice and leave
They grow to be 12 to 14 inches tall.
The average pig brain weighs 180 grams. The human brain is 142 grams.'s-...
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As of 2013, Big Bill the pig held the world record of the heaviest pig in the world with a weight of 1,157.4 kilograms.Big Bill was a Poland-China pig that was ...
It as approx 55 miles long n 7 miles wide? ...
Make sure that you have a big shelter for your pigs. They will also need a food and water troth, a bedding area and a place for them to relieve themselves. You ...
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