How Big Do Pitbulls Get?


Pit bulls are medium to larger sized dogs. They can be about 18-22 inches tall. They can weigh anywhere from about 30 lbs. to 110 lbs. They have a lot of muscle on their bodies. They tend to weigh more than they look.
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How Big Do Pitbulls Get?
Pit bulls are a type of dog, rather than a breed, not to be confused with the American pit bull terrier (APBT), which is a breed. The phrase "pit bull" refers to any dog resembling a pit bull, whether it is a purebred ABPT or a mixed breed. However, even... More »
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A German Shepherd Pitbull mix will grow to an estimated 65-85 pounds. The dog will be 18-24 inches tall. The Pitbull genes mean your dog will be shorter than the ...
A dog that is a mix breed of pit bull and Australian Shepard mix, will get up to about 110 pounds at full growth. You should start training your puppy around ...
A Black Lab (Labrador Retriever) mixed with a Pitbull is called a Labrabull. When two different breeds of dogs are mixed the offspring take on a mixture of characteristics ...
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