How Big Do Pugs Grow?


The Pug dog breed grows to a height of between 25.4 cm and 35.56 cm at the shoulder. Both the males and females can attain a weight that ranges from 6.35 kg to 8.16 kg when in good health. The Pug is the largest member of the Toy breed believed to have originated from China.
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A pug usually grows a foot or so high and a foot and a half long. They are not that big, i would know that because i have one that is 6 years old!
Pugs weigh 15-25lbs and are about 14inches tall. They are super sweet, I have a 3yr old boy
""Size, Proportion, Substance The Pug should be multum in parvo, and this condensation (if the word may be used) is shown by compactness of form, well knit proportions,
Male boxers can grow 22-25 inches tall and weigh 60-70 lbs. Female boxers can grow 21-24 in. tall and weigh 53-65 lbs. Their life expectancy is 11-14 years.
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