How Big Do Rat Terriers Get?


Rat Terriers have three different sizes starting with the standard they get about 14 to 23 inches in height, and weight 12 to 35 pounds. Then the mid size that will grow to 8 to 14 inches and weight 6 to 8 pounds. Then the smallest one is the Toy that is 8 inches in heights and weights 4 to 6 pounds. You can find more information here: http://www. dogbreedinfo. com/ratterrier. htm
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I have two rat terriers. One is very small, 10 inches, the other is about 13. They're a very small breed, but very cute. They're great runners.
1. Purchase or capture several rats or mice. Take the rats and your terrier to a large field so the dog will have space to run down the rats. 2. Once in the middle of a suitable open
A Toy Rat Terrier can get between 5-10 lbs and a Tiny Tot Rat Terrier under
Standard: Weight 12-35
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