How Big Do Yorkie Poos Get?


When a yorkie poo is fully grown, it can weigh up to ten pounds. However, you are more likely to see a yorkie poo that is only six pounds in weight. You can find more information here:
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yorkie poo puppies are sapouse yo get at least 6 pounds big (fully grown yorkie poos are going at least 10 pounds) (my yorkie poo is 3 months old and 4 pounds.
1. Place the Yorkie poo in a bathtub or sink. Brush and comb out any mats before getting the dog wet. Mats will tighten when placed in water. Use a cotton ball in each ear to keep
Yorkie-poos can range from 8 pounds to 22 pounds depending on the size of the parents.…. there's a site on the's a site with mixed breeds in it and there's yorkipoos in there too. Source(s)
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A Yorkie poo dog is a mixed breed produced by breeding a Yorkshire terrier with a miniature poodle. Some adult Yorkie poos have the curly hair of a poodle with ...
A Yorkie-Poo is a hybrid of a Yorkshire Terrier and a Poodle. Their weight varies according to hereditary dominance. At their lightest, they are typically four ...
A Teacup Yorkie can not weigh over 7 lbs., with an average weight of 4 - 5 lbs. There actually is no such thing as a pure bred Teacup Yorkie. They are called Miniature ...
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