How Big Does a Red Iguana Grow?


Red iguana is one of the rarest species of iguana family. Red iguana is mostly found in eastern and southern parts of Africa. Red iguanas are herbivores creatures and can be fed with variety of plants, vegetables, fruits, etc. Some of the larger species can grow to an impressive 7 feet (2 m) and weigh nearly 18 pounds (8 kg). Males of the species tend to grow larger than females and can typically be identified by a larger dewlap and dorsal crest.
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gigantic nearly up to about 85000 million feet. WOW! That's some big iguanas.
The largest iguanas attain a length of about six feet, over half of which is tail.
Iguanas reach a total of 7ft some even reaching 8ft in length and weighing anywhere from 20-30 lbs. If you need anymore info feel free to email me. Source(s): reptile rescuer and
in the wild they generally reach 6ft, in captivity it ranges depending on how well you look after them the bigger the tank the bigger they grow but the average is about 5 ft. i have
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Iguanas grow up to four or six feet long, most of that being the tail. Females tend toward the four-foot size, males toward the six. Actually, six-footers are ...
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