How Big Is 1000 SQ FT?


If you are house hunting, you may be wondering how big 1000 sq ft is. It can be hard to determine how many square feet you actually have. If you have 1000 square feet, this is about the size of 0.02 of an acre. It is made up of 144,000 square inches. One way to visualize this is to consider that 1000 sq ft is about the size of a 25 ft by 40 ft screened in porch.
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It's a surface that has an area of exactly 1,000 sq ft. It can have any shape. If it happens to be a square, then each side of the square. is about 31.6 ft long. If it happens to
30 feet by 30 feet would be 900 sq. feet if that helps.
Its actually not that big! not small but an average office size
10 x 32.5, 15 x 21.67, 18 x 18.05, there are an infinite amount of answers. Source(s): calculator, simple math, L x W
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1000 square feet equals 144,000 square inches.
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