How Big Is 17mm?


Millimeters is a form of measurement that is used within the metric system. A basic rule of measurement is an inch. Going down in size, next would be a centimeter and then a millimeter. These measurements are usually used when building something. All of these types of measurements can be found on a ruler. A measurement of 17mm is equivalent to about .67 inches. We can figure this out because 2.54 centimeters is equivalent to an inch.
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1.7 centimetres!
In order to tell how big it is, we would first need to know what it is. The best way to find out how big something is is to measure it, using a tape measure, yardstick, or other measuring
If you look at a standard ruler in between the centimeter marks there are little lines marked and each one of these is a millimeter. There are ten of them in a centimeter.
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17 millimeters equals 0.6692913 inches.
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