How big is a 4mm bead?


A 4mm bead is 4 millimeters from the hole on one side to the hole on the other side. This size is about 0.16 inch.

Standard strands of beads are roughly 16 inches long; a strand of 4mm beads yields roughly 100 beads. If there are no knots or stitches between each bead, a crafter can calculate that it takes 6.35 4mm beads to take up 1 inch of linear space.

A 4mm bead is slightly larger than a size 6 bead, which measures 3.7 millimeters. Due to their small size, 4mm beads are generally available in fairly simple shapes, most often in rounds and cubes.

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1. Lay out your beads in a pattern you like for your bracelet. You can use one color of bead or alternate colors or patterns. 2. Unwind some of the jewelry elastic from its spool.
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