How Big Is a Hurricane?


Hurricane Katrina was the most destructive hurricane to hit the United States. At its strongest, Hurricane Katrina was a Category 5 with winds at 175 mph. When it hit landfall in Louisiana it was a Category 3 hurricane with winds at 125mph at the center.
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Hurricanes form in warm tropical waters and generally move East. They are large, spanning up to 500 miles across. Hurricane-force wind speeds begin at 64 miles per hour, but can work
Hurricane Sandy is huge - about 900 miles wide. It is expected to make landfall near Atlantic City, NJ.
Hurricanes are generally smaller than storms in mid-latitudes, typically about 500 km (311 miles) in
Washington state is of slightly larger than average size for an American state. It ranks 20th in land mass with a total of about 68,139 square miles. If you are talking about population
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Hurricanes can be pretty big. Hurricanes are measured by the Saffir-Simpson scale. A Category 5 hurricane being the biggest with wind speeds over 156 miles per ...
Hurricane Katrina is considered to be the sixth strongest hurricane of the Atlantic. It is also one of the deadliest as well as one of the costliest of all hurricanes ...
Hurricanes are massive storms. They are more often measured by the strength of the winds on the Saffir-Simpson Scale than by the size of the storm. ...
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