How Big Is a Jail Cell?


The average size of a jail cell in the UK is eight by ten. In Britain, the ideal minimum size is 18.04 square feet. Prison cells can vary on the type of prison and how many inmates are kept to a cell.
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They are of no standard size. The older prisons and jails were constructed with smaller cells while newer construction gives slightly more space. Usually none of them are larger than
Iowa Jail Standards are the area of a cell is 75 sq. ft. and the present standard is 80 sq. ft. for double occupancy.
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Jail cells are varying sizes in different countries and places. A typical jail cell in the United States is 6 feet by 8 feet and there are generally two inmates per cell.
A jail cell is typically about 9x12 feet. This will vary with the type of prison you are in and the number of prisoners it will hold. A cell built for two or more people will be a little larger than a solitary cell for instance.
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The standard size of a prison cell is 6 feet by 8, but this usually varies depending on a wide variety of factors, such as type of crime committed. For example ...
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