How Big Is a Red Blood Cell?


A red blood cell is about 8 micro-meters in diameter. That means they are 8 millionths of a meter. If you placed them back to back, in order to get 1 centimeter, you would need 1250 of them. You can find more information here:
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Scientists say that red blood cells are so tiny that they are grouped together that they look like liquid.
Human red blood cells are about 8 micro-meters.
1. Put a drop of the mammalian blood sample in the center of the microscope slide. 2. Touch one edge of the cover slip to the edge of the drop of blood. Then drop the cover slip over
Eventually the RBCs are unable to spring back into shape as they pass through capillaries and this lack of flexibility traps old RBCs in the spleen. The damaged RBCs are phagocytosed
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Red blood cells are the cells in our body that carry oxygen. What stimulates red blood cell production is erythropoietin. It is a hormone and is secreted by the ...
An isotonic solution to red blood cells would be .85% sodium chloride solution. The red blood cells will maintain their shape and be normal in that solution. The ...
When normal red blood cells are placed in hypotonic solution water will move into the cell and cause it to swell. Conversely the solution has little or no salt ...
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