How big is a supernova?


A supernova is said to be greater than an atomic bomb. Once a supernova occurs, there is enough energy remaining to run an entire galaxy.
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Currently the expanding cloud from the supernova remnant is about 10 light years across.
A supernova can be any size! There are some that are 150 times larger than our sun and some
1. Accumulate more than 3.2 times the sun's mass worth of hydrogen gas. (The 3.2 figure is called a Chandrasekhar limit, and refers to amounts of initial mass that determine a star's
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A supernova, when it explodes, is capable of outshining a whole galaxy. Supernovas happen when a star is close to death. When they explode they leave many particles of gas that create new stars. You can find more information here:
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