How big are airline seats?


The size of an airline seat varies depending on the plane model and its seating configuration. A coach seat on a commercial airline is 17 to 19 inches wide, on average. First-class seats are customarily 21 inches wide.

These numbers are deceptive though, since they are based on the width of the seat cushion. In first class, the armrests are wider by 3 to 5 inches, making the seat feel roomier. The Airbus A330 has the smallest seats, measuring only 16.7 inches across. In contrast, the double-decker Airbus 380 boasts at least 19 inches of side-to-side space for every passenger.

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are there extra wide seats available on the plane.
Well being everyone's body is not the same the seats on a place around around 17-19 inches wide. That's why if your a bigger person you have to buy two seats to fly.
Choosing where to sit on an airplane can be confusing. Airlines differ in how much legroom is available between rows. You may already have a preference as to whether you want to sit
Pretty uncomfortable! They get very well used, practically constantly in long haul aircraft (pilots and engineers) The cushions get very hard and we are always strapped in. Most
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