How Big Is Boston?


In terms of area, the City of Boston, MA is 89.6 square miles. As for its population, Boston is the 4th most densely populated area in the country with about 620, 500 residents. You can find more information here:
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Around 14,621 students attend Boston College, located in Chestnut Hill, MA. The in-state
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1. Go to Bostix. Bostix are located in two locations in Boston, one in Copley square and the other in Quincy Market. The two kiosks offer "day of" ticket sales for a number
Boston has a population of 590,000 people spread over the area of 89.6 square
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Boston, Massachusetts covers a land area of 48 square miles. The population of Boston is 610,000 residents. Males make up 48.1% of the population where females account for 51.9%.
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