How Big Is Godzilla?


Godzilla were portrayed to be 50 meters tall or 167 feet. Godzilla's appearance has changed over the years, but many of his characteristics have remained constant. Godzilla was conceived as a monster created by nuclear detonations and a metaphor for nuclear weapons in general.
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Any were from 165 feet, to 400 feet!
The original Godzilla was 167 feet tall. Most recent movies, Godzilla is 267 feet tall. Thanks
Well I do not know the size of a lizards eyeball but a human eye is: Weight 7.5 g volume 5.5 cm3 24 mm diameter… The average male American
The huge turtle that rivaled Godzilla was Gamera but he wasn't in any Godzilla movies. Gamera fought a monster called Barugon who was mistaken for Godzilla.
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