How big is India?

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The total area of India is 1,269,345 sq miles (3,287,590 sq km), which is slightly more than one-third the size of the US.
Land Area: 1,147,955 sq miles (2,973,190 sq km)
Water Area: 121,390 sq miles (314,400 sq km)
Size of:
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The total area of India is approximately 1,269,210 square miles. India has an estimated population of 1.2 billion people. The capital of India is New Delhi.
It exceeds 3.5 million Active and Reserve servicemen and ranks number five in total available military troops. India has the third strongest armed forces in the world after the U.S.'s_milit...
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Despite its relatively small size, India ranks second in the world in population, with fewer people than only China. At the 2011 census, there were 1,210,193,422 people living in India. This is about four times the number of people living in the United States. The largest city is Mumbai, once called Bombay, with a population of 12.5 million people. India is comprised of 28 states, the largest of which is Uttar Pradesh. If this one state was a nation, it would be the fifth-largest nation in the world in terms of population.

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