How large is Israel?

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The total area of Israel is 8,019 sq miles (20,770 sq km), which is slightly smaller than New Jersey.
Land Area: 7,849 sq miles (20,330 sq km)
Water Area: 169 sq miles (440 sq km)
Size of:
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Israel is about the size of New Jersey. It is about 8000 sq miles. But that is only physical size. Israel is also big because it is the only non Muslim nation in the area. It is also
8,367 sq mi (21,671 sq km) Israel is about 8% smaller than New Jersey, and 2% larger than Massachusetts. It would fit into the USA about 440 times.
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For further perspective, Israel's land area could fit into the state of Florida's 65,755 square miles just over eight times. Israel's population density is also comparable to that of New Jersey, which has a population of around 8.8 million. It is a very urbanized nation as over 90 percent of its population lives in an urban area. Its most population-dense location is the Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality in which an estimated 3.2 million people live. Israel's population has a median age of about 30 years old.

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