How Big Is Israel?

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The total area of Israel is 8,019 sq miles (20,770 sq km), which is slightly smaller than New Jersey.
Land Area: 7,849 sq miles (20,330 sq km)
Water Area: 169 sq miles (440 sq km)
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8,367 sq mi (21,671 sq km) Israel is about 8% smaller than New Jersey, and 2% larger than Massachusetts. It would fit into the USA about 440 times.
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Israel is a country located in the Asian continent. It is 8,000 sq miles, 263 miles long – North to South and between 9 and 71 miles wide (East to West).
Israel is said to be about 8,000 square miles. It is said to be about the same size of New Jersey but small enough to fit into the state of Florida 8 times. Population of Israel is 7,116,200.
Israel is a fairly small country. Its sovereign territory is about 8000 square miles (about the size of New Jersey), with an additional 2700 square miles of territory under Israeli control.
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