How big is Jupiter?


The planet Jupiter is over 300 times larger than planet Earth. Jupiter's diameter is as large as 88,846 miles at the equator, and it is the largest planet in the solar system.

Jupiter is made mostly of gas and weighs about 1.9 x 10^27 kilograms. Its volume is about 1,321 times that of Earth's, and it has a surface area of 23.7 billion square miles. Jupiter's surface area is 120 times that of Earth. Jupiter is made up mostly of hydrogen and helium and is considered to be a gas giant planet. Because of its gases, Jupiter is only one-fifth as dense as Earth.

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Jupiter is a very large planet. It is 142,000 kilometers in diameter compared to the Earth at 12,800 kilometers. Jupiter is so big, 1,300 Earths could fit inside of it!
Mass: 1.898 6×1027 KG 4.1843×1027 LBS (317.8 Earths)
Jupiter's mass is 1.9x10^27 kg, diameter is 143,000 km, volume is 1.43x10^15 cubic km,
The magnetic fields of Jupiter and Earth are similar. Just as on Earth, radio waves inside Jupiter accelerate electrons, causing magnetic fluctuations. However, the Jovian magnetic
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