How Big Is Long Island?


Long Island has an area of 3,629 square kilometres. It is situated in the southeast part of the United State in New York, just east of Manhattan. Long Island extends 190 km eastward from the New York Harbour to Montauk Point.
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Long Island extends from 118 miles eastward from New York Harbor to Montauk Point. It is one of the most populated islands in the world. It has a population of 7,448,618. It is also the 11th longest island in the United States.
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Long Island, New York is an island that is 1,401 square miles in size. There are 7.536 million people that live there. It's in southeaster New York.
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It is 111,390 square kilometres.
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About 200000 miles long. ...
About 200000 miles long. ...
About 200000 miles long. ...
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