How big is Neptune?


Neptune is the fourth largest planet in the solar system . It has a diameter of 34,503 miles (55,528) kilometers.
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Planet Neptune is about 3.75 times bigger than Earth from side to side. However, if you started putting Earth's inside Neptune you could fit almost 60 Earths in this gas giant.
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The diameter of Neptune is approximately 49,500 km. This makes Neptune the 4th
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Neptune is big! It is about 49,500 kilometers or 30,760 miles around. To try to explain how huge Neptune is, you could fit 60 earths inside it. Neptune has moons around it, if you count them you'll find there are 8 of them. You can find more information here:
Neptune is 17 times as big as Earth. It is about 31,000 miles in diameter, and is the 4th largest planet. However, it is smaller than Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.
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Neptune is considered the fourth biggest planet in diameter in our Solar System. Neptune is smaller than Uranus in diameter, but larger in mass. The mass of Neptune ...
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