How Big Is Oregon?


Oregon also known as the beaver state is the tenth largest state in the United States of America. The land compromises of 249,117 sq Km while the inland water occupies about 2,302 sq Km. The total occupation of the state of Oregon is therefore 251,419 sq Km.
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The total area of Oregon is 98,386 square miles.
Land Area: 96,003 square miles
Water Area: 2,383 square miles
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The total area of Oregon is 98,466 square miles. Oregon is the 9th largest state in the United States of America. The total area of water is 2.4 %.
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Oregon, the 33rd state of the Union tucked way up in the northwestern United States, is approximately 360 miles long and 261 miles wide. It has a land mass of 96,003 square miles
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Area of Bend, Oregon: Total-32.2 sq mi (83.5 km2). Land-32.0 sq mi
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