How Big Is Space?


It's a debatable questiton. Most astronomers agree the universe is about 14 billion years old. And Space is endless.
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Nobody really knows how big space is. Many believe that it is infinite, while others believe that nothing can go on forever, therefor it must have an end. Until we are advanced enough that we can explore space in it's entirety, if we are ever that advanced, we will never really know just how big space is. You can find more information here:
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The International Space Station began construction in 1998 and will complete in 2011. At the current time it measures 240 feet long by 356 feet wide by 66 feet high.
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As of March 09, 2011: Module Length: 167.3 feet (51 meters) Truss Length 357 feet (109 meters) Mass: 919,964 lb (417,289 kg) Embed Quote
Im not sure but you could try a diffrent site lol.
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It is not possible to measure outer space. Outer space goes on and on forever and no one really knows how big it is. It is to infinity and beyond you could say. ...
Each space shuttle may vary by several feet. However, in general a space shuttle is 184 feet long, has a diameter or 28.5 feet and can weigh about 4.47 million ...
The International Space Station is 109m x 51m, about the size of an American football pitch. It weighs 390,908 kg and contains two bathrooms and a gym. For more ...
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