How Big Is Switzerland?

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The total area of Switzerland is 15,942 sq miles (41,290 sq km), which is slightly less than twice the size of New Jersey.
Land Area: 15,355 sq miles (39,770 sq km)
Water Area: 586 sq miles (1,520 sq km)
Size of:
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Switzerland is located east of France and north of Italy. It spans across the north and south side of the Alps and has many different climates and landscapes. It is about 15,940 square
Switzerland is about 41,285 Km^2.
Switzerland is approx. 10,201,746 acres or 15,940 square miles, which is about twice as much
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The country of Switzerland has a total area of 41,285 square kilometers, or approximately 15,940 square miles. This makes Switzerland the 136th largest (according to total area) country in the world.
Switzerland has a population of 7, 771, 600 and is 15, 940 square miles. Switzerland would be about one and a half times the size of Massachusetts.
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