How big is the biggest blue crab?


In Maryland, the biggest blue crab on record was a male measuring in at 9 inches. The Maryland DNR has also reported some blue crabs in crab surveys that came in even larger at 10-11 inches big. The blue crab is also known as the blue claw crab.
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1. Fill a crab steamer to its fill line with water or fill a stockpot with 4 inches of water. Add 10 black peppercorns, five fennel fronds, five sprigs of dill and 2 tbsp. of freshly
The Japanese spider crab is the largest, weighing up to 44 lb, having a body up to
1 Flip the cooked crab on its shell (the belly should be faced up). Get the knife, put it under the apron then lift the apron and break it off and discard. Re-flip the crab again
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