How big is the biggest blue crab?


In Maryland, the biggest blue crab on record was a male measuring in at 9 inches. The Maryland DNR has also reported some blue crabs in crab surveys that came in even larger at 10-11 inches big. The blue crab is also known as the blue claw crab.
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The Japanese spider crab, Macrocheira kaempferi, is the largest living arthropod; fully grown it can reach a leg span of almost 4 m(13 ft), a body size of up to 37 cm(15 inches) and
1. Keep the blue crabs in the saltwater aquarium during the crabs' natural hibernation period in the darker winter months. 2. Place the full-grown male and female blue crabs in the
The Japanese spider crab is the largest, weighing up to 44 lb, having a body up to
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