How Big Is the Biggest Gorilla?


The biggest gorilla is said to have been 5 feet 9 inches tall. This big gorilla was a male Eastern Lowland that weighed 360 pounds. Their are several types of gorillas including Western Lowland and Cross River.
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The biggest gorilla ever stood a little over 6 ft tall and weighed nearly 650 pounds.
The largest gorilla in the world is the eastern lowland gorilla in Zaire
The biggest whale is the Blue Whale. They get up to 108 feet long and they can weigh about 170 metric tons or more. They are actually the largest animal to exist. For more information
1. Move right and left in between the gorilla's smashing fists. Stay as close to his mouth as possible to avoid being pummeled. 2. Jump and grab on to one of the gorilla's eyebrows
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The biggest gorilla is said to have been the Gargantua and it lived between 1929 and 1949. He was said to weigh around 210 kilograms and he was a lowland captive ...
Gorillas are bigger than orangutans. Orangutans are generally about two-thirds the size of the average gorilla. Gorilla males are about five and a half feet tall ...
The heaviest gorilla in captivity was a male of the mountain race names 'N' ...
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