How Big Is the Gas Tank of a Chevy Blazer?


The gas tanks i Chevy Blazers are usually about 18 gallons in capacity. Your owners manual should also list this as well as details about other parts. Chevorlet is an American vehicle produced by General Motors.
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The gas tank on a 2003 Chevy Blazer is about 18 or 19 gallons.
1. Lift the rear of the Blazer using a 2-ton jack or one with greater capacity. Place jack stands beneath both ends of the rear axle housing. The farther you set the jack stands apart
Mine is 19 gallons Chevy Blazer SS 4.3.
The 2001 2-door Xtreme chevy blazer has a 19 gallon fuel tank.Both 2-door models of the 2001 blazer share the same 19 galon fuel tank.The 2001 4-door models have the same size fuel
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