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Sun is 99% of the mass,mass is 333,000 times the mass of earth.Sun is almost made up of hygrogen and helium.This are the lightest elements in the universe.Sun's diameter is 1.4 milliom kilometers and the circumference is 4.4million kilometers around.The surface area is 11,900 square meters same with the earths and the total volume of the sun is 1.4 x 10(27) cubic meters
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The sun is easily the largest object in our solar system, with a width of about 865,000 miles. Though it may look small from our perspective, the sun is actually big enough to fit
1,392,000 km that's 864948.70 miles. to give you an idea of perspective the earth is 12756 Km that's 7926.21. You could fit 109 earth side by side across the diameter of the Sun.
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The Sun is about 864,938 miles in diameter. Did you know the Sun contains over 99% of
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The diameter of the Sun is 1,390,000 kilometers.
That is, the diameter of the Sun is about 109 times the Earth's diameter.
The Sun is 875,000 miles across. That means the earth is about 100 times smaller than the sun. However, the sun has 300,000 times greater mass than the earth. That's pretty darn big. You can find more information here:
The sun is a star that is about 865,000 miles in diameter. That means if we were to hollow it out, it would be large enough to fit about 109 of our planet Earths into it.
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When asking, how big is the sun compared to other stars, it can be hard to grasp the differences in sizes. The sun is the largest component in a the solar system ...
In order to know how bit Saturn is compared to the Sun, consider the following. The Sun has a diameter of about 1,390,000 kilometers. By comparison, that is about ...
There is no clearly documented reason why the sun is big. However, it appears to be big because it is a very large source of light which gives adequate light for ...
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