How Big was Vera Ellen Waist?


The actress and dancer known as Vera-Ellen was noted as having a waistline as small as seventeen inches which many considered her to have acquired from being anorexic.
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It is reported that Vera Ellen had the smallest waist in Hollywood, at age 30 she was noted to have the measurements of 33 1/2 chest; a 21 inch waist; 34 hips.
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16 inches
She was known to have the smallest waist in Hollywood from the mid 1940s to
According to the Internet Movie Database her waist was 21 inches. Their source - Celebrity Sleuth magazine. Source(s)
The size of Vera Ellen's waist in the White Christmas movie due to anorexia) was an unnatural 17" I have also seen other sites that say IMDB
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Vera Ellen was an actress and dancer. She was born on February 16, 1921 and died on August 30, 1981. She was known for having a very small waist. It was said to ...
Vera Ellen was a famous actress in the 1940s and 1950s. Her waist is famous for being very small. It was measured at 17 inches, which is a very unhealthy size. ...
Vera Ellen's waist was 43.18 centimetres. She was a dancer who was known for having the smallest waist in Hollywood. She began dancing when she was 10 and her ...
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