How Can an Iron Nail Be Made into a Magnet?


There are several ways that you can use to magnetise an ion nail. For instance, you can magnetise it using an electric current, through the use of induction. You can also stroke it with either the North Pole or South Pole of the magnet. You can also strike the nail with a hammer, while holding it parallel on a magnetic field. The blow will overcome the resistance of the domains movements and line up to the earth filed, causing the nail be magnetised.
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1. The Earth is a giant magnet with its own magnetic field. Find magnetic north using a compass. Draw a north-south line on a hard surface. The Earth is a giant magnet that has a
You stroke it with a magnet.That's how you turn a nail into a magnet.
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1. Ask your physics teacher or look it up on Yahoo search. 2. A moment is of a force and is taken about a coplanar point. and is the length of the perpendicular from the point to
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