How Can Density Be Used to Identify an Object?


Density can be used to identify an object by discovering the mass of your object on the scale, then finding the capacity of an item with a uniform shape. Add some water to the graduated cylinder, dropping one irregular object into the water and note the new volume indicated on the cylinder and subtracting the capacity of the water from the capacity of the water with the object, then dividing the mass of the object by its capacity to determine its density. Lastly compare the density to a list of known densities in order to identify the object.
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1. Find the mass of your object on the scale. 2. Find the volume of an object with a regular shape. You can determine the volume of objects with regular shapes, like spheres or cubes
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In order to measure the density of an object first you would place the object on a scale and get the weight (a pretty good approximate of mass). Calculating the ...
To calculate density you will need to know that density is the mass of an object divided by its volume. Grams is a mass and the volume is cubic centimeters. ...
Density is similar to buoyancy. The density of an object will determine how and if the object will float. Really dense objects usually sink! ...
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