How Can I Become a Paid Companion?


A companion can be said to be an associate, a person who accompanies people to help them when they need help in doing something they can't do on their own. An example of a companion is someone who accompanies disabled people or old people to help them and take care of them. For you to become a companion you first need to get official certification as a health aide. This is to prove to your potential employers that you can be trusted and you don't have any criminal background. You can then register with a health aide employment agency that will help you get employment.
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In order for you to become a paid companion, you must first attain a certificate as a health aide in order for you to instill trust in people as a caregiver. You should also be without a criminal record and practice your profession by working at an agency that offers these kind of services, for example elderly homes. Then you can advertise the kind of work you do and the times you can be present. Elderly people need these services more, so if you get a call, work with their families on how to help them.
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Check with your local laws and city government related to advertising yourself for companionship work. Most areas have no specific requirements unless you are listed under a business
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