How Can I Become a Stand up Comedian?


Becoming a stand up comedian all lies in coming up with material that appeals to the public and getting a loyal following. These fans are the ones who will spread your popularity even before you get up on stage so people will have a good perception of you when you finally handle the microphone. It is essential that people recognize you when you get on stage.
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To become a stand up comedian one should practice to perform with short scripts and notes which should be short, sharp and to the point. The upcoming comedian should then book to perform at any comedy club of choice and work at getting a good stage presence by building a relationship with the crowd. Practice and regular performances eventually lead to professional stand up comedy performance.
To become a Stand-up Comedian, follow the following steps: always have some ways of writing down ideas wherever you go, listen a lot about writing for a character, as if every comedian has to have their own original character to use on stage. Do not create your material to what you think the audience wants to hear and finally do not settle with what's comfortable but what is funny.
To become a stand-up comedian, first, you need to be able to come up with new material. If you have an idea that has the potential to be funny, write it down and with a little structuring develop it into a great joke. Then, book gigs at local bars that have open mic nights or organise one at a local club. Lastly, ensure that you prepare for the stage performance adequately and keep the audience on your side.
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