How Can I Become an Ice Road Trucker?


To become an Ice Road Trucker you must register with ice road tracking which offers an employment experience like no other, this is due to the fact you'll be your own boss, and see things others wouldn't see in a normal job bears, wildlife, amazing scenery.?The responsibility will be put on your shoulder's to reach the Diamond mines where you are cheered by the worker's, praising your experience and courage in reaching the pit.
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How to Become an Ice Road Trucker
Individuals aspiring to become an ice road trucker have a long road ahead of them. Despite the growing popularity of this occupation due to recent reality television shows, you cannot just hop into a semi and start driving across the frozen tundra.... More »
Difficulty: Easy
Online, you will find a list of Ice Road Trucking companies. These companies require a driver with certain qualifications and experience: If you are a licensed commercial truck driver, regardless of which country you reside in, all that you need to do is to participate in a 1 week on-site ice road driving program sponsored by the freight companies in the Yellowknife Region. Then you're ready for your first assignment. If you are an inexperienced, unlicensed truck driver then you will need to participate in a 1-2 month training program at a truck driving school in Canada. Please note that the hiring freight company will pay all fees associated at the school.
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